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ZF MiniCommand MI4002 Propulsion Control System

Anotación 2020-03-21 121655

ZF MiniCommand MI4002 Propulsion Control System

The MiniCommand is a propulsion control system in a compact housing, specifically for yachts. The MiniCommand is engineered for control of installations of two engines, with an electronic fuel system and two electrically driven gearboxes. The system is applicable to vessels with both one and two engines and all control levers in our assortment can be connected to it.

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  • Apt for the control of combinations with two engines and two gearboxes
  • Applicable for all prevailing throttle signals: PWM, Voltage (V), Current (mA), Frequency (Hz)
  • Apt for control of electrical gearboxes
  • Appropriate for control of an electric trolling valve
  • Standard connectivity for two control stations
  • A single lever for the control of the motor and gearbox
  • Immobilizer
  • High/Low idle
  • Single lever control system for installations with two engines
  • Engine speed synchronization for installations with two engines